Friday, July 04, 2014

Yum! Plastic!

It is being proposed that marine animals are consuming 99% of the plastic that was assumed to be accumulating in the world's oceans. Consumption of this plastic by marine animals, and other possible scenarios, are being proposed because otherwise this missing plastic can not be accounted for. I guess I'll just assume that fish now comes with a serving of small pieces of plastic.


Kamel said...

Maybe they're converting it to dark matter.

Rob said...

The dark matter analogy is not too shabby. Like dark matter, the presence of plastic is inferred but it is possible that it can't be detected because the pieces are too small, as suggested in the linked article.

The most interesting possibility suggested in the article, to me, is that microbes are breaking the plastic down. If this is the case, perhaps there are some genes or processes in these hypothetical microbes that have industrial applications.

Unknown said...

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